Latitude 64 Easy-Go V2 Backpack


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Are premium backpacks too big for you? The Easy-Go lightweight backpack from Latitude 64° is the answer. The Easy-Go still holds all the essential disc golf gear you need. Ergonomically designed to have a better weight distribution closer to your body. Take it easy! Pack light! Go play!

– The main storage compartment holds 12 discs in duo sockets.
– Top and bottom compartments are suitable to store towels, clothes, etc.
– Top compartment can also be used to store an extra 3-4 discs.
– Two bottle holders at the sides.
– Two elastic side pockets, one at each side. Made to store smaller items like minis, keys or your phone.
– Umbrella holder.
– Premium zippers.
– Weight: 1770 grams (3.9 pounds)

(Bag only. Discs, water bottles etc. shown in the pictures are not included.)



Latitude 64


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