Discmania Huuhkajat Active Soft 3-Disc Set



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Loistava aloitussetti joka sisältää putterin, midarin ja draiverin. Kiekot ovat hieman kevyempiä ja pehmeämpiä ja painot vaihtelevat pakkauksissa (155-165)- PDGA hyväksytyt kiekot.

Paketti sisältää:
Putteri: Sensei (valkoinen)
Lähestymiskiekko: Maestro (sininen)
Draiveri: Magician (valkoinen)

Valmistajan kuvaus:
Huuhkajat Disc Set is the official golf disc set of the Finnish men’s national football team. This 3-disc set is a great entry level product for beginning disc golf.

The set includes three discs: a putter (Sensei), a midrange (Maestro), and a fairway driver (Magician).

This set is made from Active Soft plastic. With lighter weight discs and soft plastic, Active Soft gives you a kick start for disc golf. No matter what age you are. Get out there to have fun!

The set is approved by the Professional Disc Golf Association. Part of the proceeds go to the Football Association of Finland and the disadvantaged kids’ & youths’ football hobby.

Please note that this product packaging and its contents are only available in Finnish.